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30 Jul 2017

Stanley No. 65 Restoration | Wranglerstar

A special package arrived in the mail with three vintage tools. One of the three was a Stanley No. 65 low angle block plane circa 1910 - 1920. Buy Wranglerstar's ...

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29 Jul 2017

Milwaukee® Tape Measures with Finger Stop

Using Nylon Blade Protection and a 5-Point Reinforced Frame, they offer up to 10X Longer Blade Life, by resisting contamination wear and increasing protection ...

2 Aug 2017

Milwaukee® Snips

Milwaukee® Snips feature forged cutting heads for maximum durability and machined steel blades for precision cuts.

10 Aug 2017

Chisel sharpening

This week's show concentrates on sharpening chisels using water stones and a honing guide.

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19 Aug 2017

Sharpening an Improperly Sharpened Left Hand Shear Part 2 - Repairing a Left Hand Shear -

6 Aug 2017

Woodturning Skew Chisel Techniques and Hand Positioning

Although I wish this was a tutorial, however it's not even close to a tutorial.

3 Aug 2017

Wood Turning - Beginners Guide # 9 - The Skew Chisel

I go through the basics of the Skew Chisel. SJ Woodworks link:

18 Aug 2017

Smith's Handheld Fixed Angle Knife & Scissor Sharpener

Russ Cowen, Marketing Manager at Smith's, gives a brief description of the product features and benefits for Smith's fixed angle, handheld knife and scissors...

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31 Jul 2017

Cutting a Mortise - Mortise chisel vs bevel edge chisel - with Paul Sellers

Paul Sellers demonstrates cutting a mortise joint by hand. He is using a method of showing the inside view of cutting the joint previously shown by Peter Fol...

8 Aug 2017

Trow and Holden Carbide Hand Chisel

One of the most important tools in your tool box, Randy shows how to use a Trow and Holden Carbide Hand Chisel to trim a fieldstone block.

14 Aug 2017

Diamond Chisel Set #3009-00

Punch perfect holes every time when sewing your projects. Keep three sizes of chisels in easy reach with this convenient multi-size set. Beautifully finished...

19 Aug 2017

Chisel Tricks for Hand-Cut Joinery

Period furniture maker Philip C. Lowe demonstrates the right way to use your bench chisel when paring joinery and mortising for hinges.